Driade Mody by Ludovica+Roberto Palomba
Driade Mody by Ludovica+Roberto Palomba

Driade Mody by Ludovica+Roberto Palomba

Mody is an armchair designed by Ludovica and Roberto Palomba. Steel structure with elastic belt and polyurethane foam padding at different altitudes. The back cushions are reversible in goose down and synthetic fiber . The cover is removable if fabric; fixed if leather.

  • Cat.A Cotone Cairo Rosa 024
  • Cat.A Cotone Delhi Bordeaux 040
  • Cat.B Misto Viscosa Paranà Arancio 033
  • Cat.B Misto Viscosa Paranà Verde 063
  • Cat.B Velluto Loira Petrolio 069
  • Cat.B Velluto Loira Verde 063
  • Cat.B Cotone Misto Chengdu Avorio 004
  • Cat.B Cotone Misto Chengdu Marrone Scuro 083
  • Cat.C Misto Lino Lisbona Bordeaux 040
  • Cat.C Misto Lino Lisbona Nocciola 078
  • Cat.C Misto Viscosa New York Ocra 079
  • Cat.C Misto Viscosa New York Rosa 024
  • Cat.D Cotone Principe Bianco Nero 155
  • Cat.P Pelle Niagara Avana 090
  • Cat.P Pelle Niagara Grigio Scuro 050
  • Cat.O Pelle Rio Azzurro 060
  • Cat.O Pelle Rio Tortora 016
  • Cat.ZA Pelle Purus Bianco 002
  • Cat.ZA Pelle Purus Nude 152
  • Cat.ZC Pelle Churchill Cuoio 084
  • Cat.ZC Pelle Churchill Grigio Chiaro 045
  • Cat.ZME Pelle Amur Avana 090
  • Cat.ZME Pelle Amur Sabbia 011


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