Albatros Harry Swim SPA
Albatros Harry Swim SPA

Albatros Harry Swim SPA

Minipool with pumps that suck water and put it back into the pool creating a surface current preventing the swimmer from advancing.

Customizable training program with massage function for relaxation after swimming.

Finishes for the shell
  • White
  • Sterling
  • Blue Marble


- 26 whirlpool jets

- 5 Turbojets

- Ultraviolet treatment for water purification

- SPA Pack System

- Travel Sound

- RGB spotlight chromotherapy

- Kit for water training

- x 3 Persons per person

Jacuzzi area with whirlpool and airpool to relax and tone your muscles. With waterfalls and fountains water games.

Bath area with a current of water generated by 5 turbojets for swimming against the current. It allows you to train and stay in shape at home.

Ultraviolet treatment to purify and ensure a clear and healthy water, free from bacteria, viruses and algae that can attack skin, hair and eyes.

SPA Pack, a filtering system dedicated to contract. All the functions are grouped in a technical group that can also be installed at a distance from the tank. Easy management and maintenance, ensures silence.

Water training kit, you can integrate Harry swim with 2 kits for water training: the bike and elastic kits to intensify muscle mass.


500 x 230 - h 138 cm

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